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On30IMA began in New Jersey around 2004 when Bill Orlando decided to offer shortened rolling stock kits to the On30 modelers at an affordable price.   He referred to these as "scratch kits" although this is a bit of a misnomer as much of the parts are laser cut or molded to size.   The idea of the kits does take some skills that a scratch builder uses.
At the 2009 Craftsman Structure Show I purchased a Stock Car kit  and after building it, I looked for more of the kits.   After much research and using the "wayback machine" I found the web site was dormant.   With more searching, I located Bill in upstate NY and approached him about re-introducing the line of cars with some aggressive publicity.  The final result after a couple of months talking, was that I purchased the full rights, web site domain and stock on hand from Bill.
During the summer and fall of 2010 I worked on drawings for more laser cutting of parts.   There were no existing drawings for these so I had to start from scratch.   I also added some passenger cars to the line which Bill had already started.   The website was brought back on line in November and is in a continued state of improvement (probably always will be).
As for the kits, we offer a Box car, Stock car, Flat car,  Reefer and Passenger coach.   There are also a couple other styles that I may offer from time to time.   The kits are supplied with laser cut frames, floors, sides and roof with detail parts from Grandt Line or Tichy.  
The cars are not designed for any specific prototype and best represent  those that were around at the turn of the 20th century.   They range from about 22' to 26' in length, but are easily modified by the scratch builder.    No instructions are supplied with the kit, they are instead published on the web site.   Besides saving printing costs, this saves on shipping.  
The kits do not include trucks or couplers due to the great variety available and each modeler's preference.   They are also suitable for use in On2, On3 and Sn42 scale with little modification. 
You can contact me anytime for more information at On30IMA.
I hope you enjoy working with these kits as much as I do making them.
Dave Mason

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