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Most of the kits instructions are now in .pdf format and are no longer shown here on the website.   Simply click on the .pdf link and open or download the instructions from that. Gallery photos and the truck info are still here.   These kits are not for beginners who are not willing to take on a learning experience.   Please read the instructions before purchasing a kit to make sure that you can complete the assembly.   If you are having trouble deciding which trucks to use, the chart listed below may be of some help.

The cars are not necessarily designed to any specific prototype and best represent  those that were around at the turn of the 20th century.   They range from about 22' to 26' in length, but are easily modified by the scratch builder.   The kits are also appropriate for On2 models.   In fact, the narrow flatcar has a 6' wide frame which is the same as the Maine 2 footers.   You can combine parts from a boxcar or reefer with the narrow frame and floor to get an On2 model.   If you are interested in this or other possible kit combinations, contact me.

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